My review on Genting Skyworlds Theme Park (review công viên Themepark Genting mới mở 2022)

My review on Genting Skyworlds Theme Park

Day of Visit: 16/4 Saturday 
Total visitor at park: 5000+ according to ground staff, very few Malay visitors due to puasa month

(1) It's the first and only Fox/21st Century's IP theme in the world, although the park is no longer related to Fox/21st Century. We can experience those IPs other than Disney & Universal Studio.
(2) Its located on highlands, so we suffer less on outdoor heat.

(1) Its still at the soft launch phase. Many rides were not ready to be opened. Some random opened rides were closed for unknown reasons. Some rides may face technical failures and forced to be halted halfway, hence visitors may get stuck in the ride. My wife and her aunt had that.
(2) A few popular rides has extremely long queue, one have to queue in line for 40 - 90 mins or even longer than official displayed waiting time.
(3) Weird operation hours, i.e. 11am - 6pm, its too short that limits the number of rides one can cover. My kid and her cousins can only managed to get on to 4 different rides for the day.
(4) The VQ(virtual queueing system) on the Skyworlds mobile app which suppose to allow us to make booking on our's choice-ride to reduce physical queueing time has failed. We tried on all popular rides with long queues but the app showed the message that the booking is unavailable on the selected date, WTH!
(4) You shall only purchase online tickets from Skyworld's official website. If you buy from third-party(i.e. Klook), you will have to queue at the ticketing counter at entrance upon arrival to redeem another ticket based on your proof of purchase. Its so time wasting.
(5) Expensive parking fees@RM3/hr compare to last time when it was totally free

Reduce your expectation, it can be a good place for family. Ticket price of RM128-151 may still consider high during this soft launch period as the operation is still not smooth seeing various breakdowns and at least 30% more not operational yet. Better wait until it is fully opened.

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