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Genting Dream Cruise
3 days 2 nights
Price: RM1300/pax
Bought from: Sorry cannot mention.

The moment we stepped onto the ship, one word that summed up my feeling was 'WOW'.

My only other experience with offshore facility was oil rig. Hence I did not expect much.

Cruise ships (or at least Genting Dream) is a different breed altogether. Inside is luxuriously carpeted, elegant finish, comfortable aircond temperature and wonderful sweet fragrant notes in the air that you'd probably experience in 5 star hotels on land. You know you are in the right vacation place when you were welcomed by more than 5 personnel at the ship door alone. Level of attentiveness is *chef's kiss* voila!

They scanned our tags (each person has own tag) and ushered us to another deck for our safety briefing. This ship has 18 decks altogether. The safety briefing was short and one to one (1 personnel and me). She showed us our muster station and what to do in case of emergency. Later in the evening (7.30pm) we had a more detailed HSSE briefing via the main sound system on board.

Now off we go to our room! By the way, I don't know why, but Zaeynab started speaking sailor while we are on this cruise (no, not cursing but mild stuff like 'ahoy' etc frequently. Haha). The things the ocean does to you eh.

Our room was Stateroom Balcony category. It is the 3rd tier category after Interior Stateroom (no window) and Oceanview Stateroom (window only, no balcony). This room can fit max 4 pax. I was happy with the room, it serves its purpose. I loved that we have the balcony. We can enjoy the ocean view. While docked in Port Klang our room faced the ocean but while docked in Singapore Port, our room faced the inner side which was the terminal building. That was no fun. Upon check in, my kids creatively threw a picnic/tea party at the room balcony (courtesy of the snacks I bought from 99Speedmart) without being prompted. It makes me realize, man, my kids have grown!

If you like VVIP treatment (or if you are a chronic introvert like me who likes to spend life quietly), you should probably go for Palace tier rooms. Palace guests have private space & facility on the ship that are separated from the rest of the ship population (equivalent to club category in 5 star hotels). I saw that Palace pool was deserted (tempting!) with more comfortable-looking mattress-padded lounge chairs compared to the main (mere mortals) pool. Even their restaurant is different. I'd probably book Palace room if it was a romantic-themed vacation, or if one has the money and just want to enjoy quiet/private time with their family/friends.

I am pleasantly surprised by how well-equipped our Stateroom Balcony room was despite the small size (the size is expected as that's how ship space is). It had room slippers, coffee/tea making facility, hair dryer, safe box, hangers, full mirror, toothbrush, fancy towels (even face & hand towels), USB and normal 3 pin plug socket, mini fridge, bedside lights control, liquid all-in-one soap/shampoo in a tube hanging at the shower room etc. It even had medium sized TV with decent watch menu. You'll be surprised how many 5 star hotels don't have good options for kids on their TV.

At first, there were only 1 king bed and sofa in our room. The crew set up the additional beds later in the evening. We were amused by the fact that they set up a comfortable bed from the sofa and another bunker bed pulled from the ceiling. The bed and linens were of 5 star quality with sufficient pillows and duvets. We had a comfortable night sleep.

One thing I'd like to highlight is the courtesy of the entire crew. They were really nice, helpful and awesome. Top tier team from mixed nationalities. We received amazing treatment everywhere. The crew at check in, at the pool, at the restaurant, at Little Dreamers Club (kids club), at the arcade, at the activities reservations centre, and the room cleaning crew. Just brilliant.

The thing that shocked me was that the main pool turned into club vibe between 3pm-6pm (I don't understand this timing. Shouldn't party people at least wait til it's dark? Haha). If you have a weak heart it is best to avoid as the deck music is crazy LOUD. On our first day, they even had DJ & dancers at the mini stage. All the parents seek refuge at the kids club as most kids would be scared of the eardrum-busting music. Worry not, after 6pm, world peace returned and families started to conquer the pool again, including us. The crowd was alright. Everyone was polite and friendly towards each other. We had a great time, chatted with other guests. My kids made new friends.

The greatest discovery of this cruise (for me) is something divine made of two words:


Stay tuned for part 3 😊😊😊

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